People you meet, Laughing, Crying and Laughing some more !

i feel like it has been a wild few weeks…i started my first on line class Burlap and Paper Clay and i have to say it has been  like nothing i expected. i love to teach, i have taught art to kids for ever, it is all i have ever done, i love to teach adults also, love my classes…love the AH HA moment….when people just get “IT”. so the on line experience has been humbling because people have been so patient while i whittle my way around this first class….i so appreciate it. and they have been kicking some texture ass! which i love!

both paintings are full of texture which i love and i love the imagery….FLy* HoMe*BiRd*
so i have met some amazing people on line and in real life these last few months….people who have me laughing so hard, like it hurts….like everyone should laugh that hard for at least part of each day. …people who have helped remind me to be my own person, embrace your quirkiness and your marching to the beat of your own drummer… the crying is done….DONE as in OVER IT. …moving on thanks to the people who make me laugh out loud every day…my only regret is i perhaps should have paid closer attention to the whole Staples stock thing….but … 8 years i will be living in Costa Rica, painting, sculpting and driving around in an old red pick up truck…. and there is something to be said for that.
 and to end …check out 
these fabulous pieces of art
created by the super talented Melisa WAldorf.