Loveland, Colorado with Cloth Paper Scissors

i love this piece…a vintage paper doll dress on canvas!

well….two weeks ago I went to colorado to shoot a video with Cloth Paper Scissors! lots of prep work before the shoot, and butterflies for the first few takes….then it was actually rather fun….the video explains several different techniques i use in building up canvas/wood surfaces, ranging from plaster to burlap… to joint compound tape (it comes in polka dots) to paper crinoline. I am excited to have it come out (i think July) because honestley there are a couple spots where I am babbling away…oh and i wasn’t looking in the right camera soooo they put a picture of johhny depp inside the camera so i was talking to him….although i am not sure johnny wants to learn how to use modeling paste and stencils….actually maybe he does. i will let you know when the video comes out! peace,love art!