Large and In Charge Paintings!

If you knew me …or even if you did not you would perhaps be surprised to realize that I have an MFA from Pratt Institute…..This was the early 80’s the East Village vibe was totally the place to be in the art world in NYC… was very bohemian, creative, energetic….I remember doing a play at the Pyramid Club, because well…. just because I could, Studio 54 was rocking ….I remember seeing Grace Jones, everywhere! We painted and chained smoked at Pratt, we traveled to Europe on literally a dime and saw the great masters. I cried when I saw David, it was just that friggin’ amazing……I would never change my past it made me the person I am today, things are different, I can honestly say I have never owned a mini van, but I have settled in New England, I pay my bills and sometimes prepare nutritious meals for my children. Things are different but I am getting back into the big ass painting stage of my life. I am thinking of turning my family room barn into a large studio, because , well , I can. Here are some big paintings I have been working on! *LoVe*

this is a section of a fairly large painting
and yet, another section of the same piece.
large piece, tons of texture!
different piece, same look
details*details*details *I am loving the number 3 lately!

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