thrilled to have my paintings also in July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine!

so….excited my flag series was featured in July/August  issue of CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS magazine. to share a few highlights and close ups of the paintings….  part of the spread…. one of the paintings….. close up of love …. laugh and heart yet another flag…. milk close up….ode to my friend Benjamin…. close up…. thrilled. thrilled also …

Bits and Pieces of My New Work

really my dream is to wear paint splattered clothes, live in a loft in NYC, or Portland Maine and paint all is the thing….my new work i want less to do about hub a ba loo and all to be about paint, dripping,globbing, frenzied paint, just getting back to my roots. here are some sections of new paintings….  do they have grit? I really want grit.
peace and eat ice cream xx

Paper Mache…FLY… and a Couple of Cupcakes

 well…i have finally completed my FLY challenge! it took me forever because i knew i wanted to paper mache and it actually took alot longer to dry than i thought it would… the blocks i picked up in Brimfield a few weeks ago..i knew i wanted to use them as a base for something…..and of course who can resist… when pigs fly? the birds i made for a local shop and the pig stays with me.

Loose Raw Painting! On Line Class with Sue Pelletier

hi! It is a happy day in the neighborhood! I have a new online painting class! It focuses on LOOSE RAW PAINTINGS! heck yeah! the sign up is to the right.. or click the link love here!.LOOSE RAW PAINTING CLASS with SUE PELLETIER here is a promo…for you to check out. Here is the low down…this class is all about taking your own personal imagery and create a painting. The class is FULL of painting techniques…it is literally almost fool proof…this way you will be painting like  no ones business! embrace your looseness, and did I mention the layering??
so check it out! thanks! xoxoxox sue

Snowman Blog Hop!

Snowman Blog Hop! fit all started here 2 winters ago! they were indeed a hit with the cool snowman crowd! everyone was making snowmen form vintage bottles! The best part is there is no wrong way or right way to do this! play, mess, explore scrounge around or cool junque! Come check out some of …